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Design your brand from scratch, create your digital and print assets and learn how to build a community that will support your every move.

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Are you getting ready to start a business? Need step by step recommendations on what you need to start branding your business to your audience? Let's review your goals and create a simple 3-Step Branding Strategy that works for your business model. Plus, get access to the New Business Checklist included!

What Clients Say

Here's what clients are saying about the Branded for Billions Program.

Meet Aiesha

"Thank you Johnene! Your program is genius by the way. GENIUS! I can't believe this is my brand. Wow! "

Meet Courtney

"Johnene helped me clarify what my brand stands for, as well as what direction I’m headed regarding marketing strategies and how to make my social media pages stand out. Also, after our conversation was over, she quickly emailed me an overview of what we discussed which was very helpful."

Meet Shania

"I want to thank Johnene for all of her wonderful recommendations she has made for my career direction! Her consultation call was extremely helpful for me and she tailored her advice specifically to my goals."

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Imagine how good it would feel to finally take your business to the next level. Now picture having the tools and resources you need to do exactly that. Uncover ways to reach your audience and set up passive income streams from each step-by-step Strategy Call.

Hey You, I'm Johnene!

When I first started my business, I had no clue how I would be able to afford the prices of a graphic designer, but I worked hard to pay for them by investing money from my "9-5 job", only to be disappointed by what the designer revealed after I'd paid my hard earned cash.

With bills being due and a NEW business to promote, graphics that did not meet my brand expectations was a total gut punch, especially since I had deadlines to meet and I needed those graphics now.

The only choices I had were to find someone else, or try to design my own graphics myself. I chose the latter and now, I am ready to show you how simple it can be to design your brand on demand!

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VIP Design Services

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Landing Page

A simple one-page website optimized with keywords and designed to capture leads for your business.

Social Media Makeover

Get your social media accounts designed and optimized to reach and welcome your audience! Makeovers can be completed per platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn + YouTube.

Plus, add on Monthly Social Media Management to this service.

Social Videos

Capture the attention of your audience with a premium introduction trailer for your business, service or product. Three Videos are produced and sized for YouTube, Instagram + Stories.

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